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API Automation using JavaScript

Learn REST API Automation with Postman. Includes chapters on learning JavaScript for beginners.

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Selenium UI Automation using Java

Learn Selenium UI Automation with Java using TestNg or JUnit. Includes chapters on learning Java for beginners.

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Selenium UI Automation using Geb / Spock

Learn Selenium UI Automation with Geb / Spock. Includes chapters on learning Groovy language for beginners.

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API Automation
Selenium UI Automation
Mobile Automation
CICD / Jenkins
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So you are learning from practicing Automation experts. Our training program is gentle-paced, and created by experienced Automation professionals from the field for QA Analysts like you. Practice our exercises every day and measure your progress quantitatively.


Let's take gentle steps starting from the basics, and slowly and steadily grow into more complex areas of test automation. Making steady progress helps build your confidence and sets you up for better success for the long term.


Our program is customized for people with QA Analyst background like you. Having worked with many QA Analysts as our students, we understand the QA Analyst profile very well. We can help you transform and upgrade your manual QA skills towards Automation.


We are experienced in the field - both in doing complex Test Automation work, as well as teaching a broad range of Automation training material to students with a wide range of technical skills. Our experience directly translates in to helping you reach your Automation goals quickly.

45 mins/day

From our experience in the field of Automation training, we found that students who practice coding at least 45 minutes a day, every day, perform better than their cohorts in acquiring new automation skills. This is why we give fun exercises every day to keep you motivated to practice and grow.

Get Rewarded

Even with the best of intentions, keeping long-term motivation is not easy. And sometimes the learning curve can feel very steep, even if you go at a gentle pace! That's why we reward you with points and help setup a support system and community to keep you going at your automation goals.

Selenium UI Automation

Let's do UI Automation using Selenium/Java, Geb/Spock, Katalon and other frameworks

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API Automation

Join us in API Automation using Postman/JavaScript, RestAssured/Java, Katalon and other frameworks

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